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Driftwood Estate

Social Media Ad Campaigns:
Utilising data-driven insights, AGCMarketing developed highly targeted social media ad campaigns for Driftwood Estate Winery. Through careful audience segmentation, we identified the most relevant demographics, interests, and behaviours to ensure ads reached the right people. Our team crafted engaging ad creatives that highlighted the winery's distinctive features, events, and promotions, capturing the attention of potential customers. By continuously monitoring and optimizing the ad campaigns, we maximized ad performance, generated qualified leads, and significantly increased brand awareness and customer engagement.

Website Enhancement: 

AGCMarketing conducted a comprehensive analysis of Driftwood Estate Winery's website, identifying areas for improvement to enhance user experience, increase conversions, and drive sales. We implemented responsive design techniques, optimized website speed and performance, and refined the navigation and layout to create a seamless browsing experience. By incorporating persuasive call-to-actions, captivating visuals, and compelling content, we transformed the website into a powerful sales and lead generation tool, effectively showcasing the products Driftwood Estate Winery sells.

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facebook engagement increase


increase in website views


increase in sales

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