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JFK Custom Homes

Targeted Advertising Campaigns: Leveraging data-driven insights, we executed targeted advertising campaigns across various platforms, including social media and search engines. By reaching the right audience with compelling ad creatives, we have increased JFK Custom Homes Leads by 600% in 2022 and continue to bring in leads at $15 per lead.

Social Media Engagement: We crafted engaging social media campaigns that sparked conversations, increased brand visibility, and fostered a community around JFK Custom Homes. By consistently sharing valuable content, interacting with followers, and leveraging user-generated content, we created a strong online presence and encouraged brand advocacy.

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Increase in Lead Gen 


per link click


Ave spend per  lead 

Happy clients :)

With AGCMarketing's expertise and customized approach, JFK Custom Homes experienced significant growth in sales and achieved our marketing goals. Our collaborative partnership enabled us to establish a strong brand presence, generate high-quality leads, and foster lasting customer relationships in the competitive custom home industry. 

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